We speak with world renowned and respected paleontologist Dr. Robert Bakker  
Passing the Baton
When Our Children Don't Collect
January 12 , 2012
A New Home for Meteorites
BBC News Video - 21 Dec 2011
Dinosaur Fossils Brought to Life
BBC News Video - 30 Nov 2010
What the Ancients Knew: Glass
Science Channel - 19 Mar 2009
California Gold Rush
History Channel
A Contemporary Cabinet of Curiosities
The forerunners to public museums, Wunderkammer were an accumulation of curiosities from around the world that wealthy individuals would display in special rooms in their homes...more
Meteorites   Tooth of a Tyrant   Egyptian Shabti   A Mint Error Coin
Ancient Coins   A Gold Nugget   Fiat Money   Miniature Books
Roman Glass   O'o Feathers   Coinage Art   Seashells
Important reference books to consider for your library Studium talks with the infamous Meteoriteman, Robert Haag (pending) Authenticity in Collectibles:
Avoiding the Fall
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