First of all, let me welcome you to Studium, a digital magazine (or "cyber-pub") for those of us who find time to do more than tickle a keyboard and stare at monitors. My name's Dennis Nowicki, and I'll be your host for the time being.

For thousands of years, Man has found pastimes and hobbies for which to fill his spare time. Small collections of shells and stones have been discovered among Neanderthal diggings, and ancient cave drawings have been found the world over; the Egyptians made and collected miniature animals and birds of clay, while the Greeks and Romans assembled collections of Classic art in many forms. Modern man fills his time in a variety of ways, and this web site is here to address some of these. At Studium, which is Latin for "hobby", you will see and perhaps learn from hobbies that your host has enjoyed. For our presence along this Super Highway is not just to say, "Hey! Look at me!", but to help others to grow from what we inform, to instruct, and to inspire.

My sincere appreciation to those who have helped me in putting this all together...John Murbach...Dr. Paul Rynearson...Bill Mitchell...and Lyle at SSC.




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