If you passed through in the last couple of months, you might have seen my previous layout for the magazine. Well, I'm sure you've noticed a few changes with this new issue, and I hope you find them as pleasing as, ahem, I do. Let us all never tire of learning new things.

You'll also find this issue is fully dedicated to Arthur Conan Doyle's creation and curse, Sherlock Holmes. His is a character that is known and emulated the world over. The bug bordering between admiration and obsession bites shortly after reading a few short stories, and I have been bitten. Let's see if this "malady" is contagious....

Coins are another love of mine, as you might guess. As I mentioned earlier, they bring history to life, and reflect the state of art in a society (something I'm afraid we've lost, or at least suppressed in the name of utilitarianism.) Coins may become more valuable, yes, but that as a motivation to collect is viewing this great hobby in a shallow manner. Value is what we should feel toward something, not what someone else is willing to pay for it. For we are mearly custodians of these beautiful, historic medallions of commerce--they have been cared for and passed to us by generations of generations of collectors. It is now our turn to stop and admire, to study, to dream, and then to pass them on to those ahead.

My appreciation goes to those who have kindly assisted in making this site worthwhile...John Murbach and Bruce Lorich.




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