Welcome once again to the fourth issue of Studium Magazine. You might note that once more, I have continued my incessant tinkering, and now the site has a new, cleaner, more professional look. The pictures among most of the articles are smaller, yet clickable, allowing for a slightly quicker download. To quote a chiropractor friend of mine, "I've enjoyed making the adjustment."

I've called this editorial A Dedication. This is for my stepfather, William Bollier, a man born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland; a man who spent most of his years as a Nurseryman, caring for plants; a man whom I loved dearly. Bill died from cancer in 1981, but left behind as his legacy some very beautiful photographs he had taken over the years. It is a few of these creations which I, thanks to the technology and skills I now possess, can share with you. I think he'd be pleased. I hope you will be, too.




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