Issue #1

Editorial: Welcome to Studium
The Shekels of Phoenicia and the Betrayal of a King
An Old Fallen Soldier - Papua New Guinea, 1973
A "Fowl" Collection - Collecting Duck Stamps
Issue #2

Editorial: Something Old and Something New
Late Victorian Coinage & How it Applies to Sherlock Holmes
Buying Wisdom: Collecting Sherlock Holmes Memorabilia
Doyle on Doyle: His Favorite Short Stories
Issue #3

Editorial: Caring for the Old
Lessons Yet Unlearned: Collecting Inflationary Currency
Pillars in the Sea: Survivor from a Sunken Treasure Ship
Vanquished: War in the Pacific, 1944
Issue #4

Editorial: A Dedication
What One Camera Saw: Through the Eye of My Late Step-Father
Alexander the Great: "Grasping" His Legacy
Lighter-Than-Air Mail: Collecting Zeppelin Stamps
Issue #5

Editorial: Beginnings with No End
Cardboard, Charisma, and Cash: Collecting Baseball Cards
An American Masterpiece: Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Design
Miniature Madness: Collecting & Painting 1/700th Scale Aircraft
Issue #6

Editorial: Benefits to the Web-Savvy Collector
Lick-Art: Collecting Contemporary Stamps
Striking Out: The Fascination with Mint Error Coins
Collecting for Profit: It's Old, So isn't it Valuable?
Issue #7

Editorial: Ethics and the Pirated Software Collector
The Renowned Athenian "Owl"
Revisiting Sherlock Holmes: The Multimedia Collector
Not a Bad Gamble: Collecting Casino Chips
Issue #8

Editorial: Is Plastic More Valuable Than Collectibles?
Traces of Giants: Collecting Dinosaur Fossils
The Coins of Pontius Pilate
Pokemon Cards: Catch 'em All or Let Them Go?
Issue #9

Editorial: What 'Spare Time'?
Numismatic Royalty: Collecting World Crowns
Stones from the Heavens: Collecting Meteorites
Error Coins II: The Major Mint Errors
Issue #10

Editorial: Are We There Yet?
Modeling Modeling: A Circa 1970 Hobby Shop
"Pseudo"-Numismatists: Collecting Counterfeit Coins
The Movie Collector: Lights - Camera - Inaction